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This is an impromptu sequel to Necklace and takes place around eighteen months later.

She backed up into the corner, pale blonde hair falling around her face, eyes wide and dark, mouth parted. She could feel the cool metal of the wall behind her, no place else to go.

"Let's play." Across the room in front of her the Nekocarna hissed, a woman almost more cat than human and pure predator. The Nekocarna crouched, circling slightly at the far end of the room, not yet closing the gap.

Almost, fear overwhelmed her, and with it came the first hints of anger. This wasn't fair, hadn't she been persecuted enough. Was she now going to die here, like this? Cornered by a wild animal, with no protection. They had taken her demon from her, and even though he had persecuted and tormented her endlessly, it wasn't until now, until he was gone, stolen, that she realised how much she needed him.

The Nekocarna flicked her tail, almost whipping the ground. "Come, let's play," she purred, "and then you will be free."

She stiffened slightly, back still pressed against the wall, eyes still wide with fear, but the word echoed through her mind. Free. A second word chased it. Mine. Possessive, dominant. Always persecuting, but sometimes oddly gentle, oddly true.

They had taken her demon from her, locked him away somehow, in a box from which even he could not escape. They had persecuted them both, separated them, and she knew, even though she could not feel him, that they had tortured him. And now this bitch of a cat was going to kill her, and she thought that would set her free.

Pieces of the puzzle fell together in her mind, and as she shifted she felt the familiar weight of the pendant around her neck move. The cage that lay nestled between her breasts. She heard the faerie's sudden dark laughter as it read her thoughts, and she knew that she was right.

Oh, you beautiful, brilliant, scheming son of a bitch. Her hand closed around the small sphere, pulling it. He'd planned for this, as he'd planned for everything. Somehow, he had known. She felt the thin chain snap and break as she pulled on it.

She wasn't free while she was apart from him. For all the darkness he had wrought in her, her freedom lay with him. The choice was hers, now as always. He had left it with her, his freedom was clasped tightly in her hand, bound to that of another.

"Of my own volition," she whispered, and flung the tiny cage down on the ground in front of her. The Nekocarna startled back, as the cage shattered like spun glass. There was a rush of air and the beating sound of dragonfly wings, as the faerie that had been imprisoned was released. There was a twisting sound, as of rending metal, as magic called on magic, and then she felt the familiar dark presence at her back.

Too late, far too late the Nekocarna responded to her actions and sprang forward, claws extended.

"My turn to play," it was always strange to hear his voice coming from her mouth. More strange to feel his metal sheathed gloves on her hands, blades sharp. She danced to his will, a marionette on a string, as they moved together, and the Nekocarna fell.

He didn't release her until bones were shattered and skin torn, blood pooling idly on the floor. She backed away against the wall again, this time in fear of what they had done, what she had done.

Looking up from the body, she saw the faerie in front of her. Full size, it was four foot eight, and it hovered over the body of the Nekocarna, gossamer wings bathed in blood.

"The debt is repaid," said the fae, "and now we are free." The faerie vanished, the slight sparkle of dust that presaged it soiled by fine droplets of blood. The dark presence of her demon recede, and once again she was alone, save for the lingering sound of the faerie's maddenning laughter.


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